Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Simple Nuggets

Since we're in the middle of Mississippi week with not much to talk about that hasn't been discussed already, here's a few off topic nuggets.

What the hell is wrong with the Braves. I know it's football season, but I'm still a sports fan and local homer. If this team limps in, do they really have a shot of getting past the first round. This collapse is only overshadowed by the Red Sox collapse. Good stuff since I'm a little bit of a Rays fan.

Not to steal LC's Friday Frivolities but I did catch a couple of movies last weekend that some of you might be interested in.

Killer Elite - I'll say decent. I sat there waiting for a twist at the end but since it's based on a true story, they aren't really trying to "trick" you. It doesn't really give you much of a history lesson and isn't very complicated, so don't over think it. Not everything ties together neatly but it's not a long movie and has a few good fight scenes.

Drive - Good movie but slow. It has that No Country for Old Men feel to it. The acting is good and some of the violent scenes are graphic. There's not a lot of dialogue in the first hour and it doesn't speed up much so just be prepared.

One of my favorite local bands (from Charlotte), Simplified, just released another album. They have a very unique sound, something like Sublime but very fun music to listen to. They also have a small link to College Gameday on ESPN. I'll let you find it for yourself if you really care.

Also check out Cowboy Mouth and Assembly of Dust if you like something different. I love all music but these bands are just perfect to sit out on the patio, porch, beach, or mountains with and chill with a few beers.

That's right, you may have Dragon Con and there's of course a Comic Con but what else would you expect from Denver but HempCon. Book your flights now.

How about Herman Cain winning the FL straw poll. I've been told to stay away from politics, so I won't tell you that I think that's pretty cool.

Now back to football talk.......


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