Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Thoughts - Hiking

The bulldogs are 1-2, losing a very close road game and a tough fought home game. They do have one win against a cupcake and they should have another easy win in front of them this weekend. That's right, Mississippi State sounds a whole lot like us these days. Both teams should be 2-2 going into the bulldog battle in 2 weeks. Let's just hope we hold up our end of that. More thoughts on the Rebels later this week.

The purpose of this blog was to share 3 average schmuck's opinions about football and other life matters (when football season is slow). Well football season isn't slow right now but I did go for a Colorado hike this weekend and am sharing the trip. So feel free to move on to other important posts if this bores you.

Since this is the first hiking report I'm posting on here, I'll give everyone a quick summary of my hiking life (only time, I promise).

Done a lot of North Georgia, North Carolina day hikes with a few overnight trips. Did the Georgia section of the AT a few years ago in a 7 day period. Had a fellow dawg buddy do the first few days with me and finished the rest solo.

Moving out to Colorado has provided me the opportunity to start hiking "14ers". For those of you who are non-hikers, 14ers are mountains that reach over 14,000 feet, which is a kind of a milestone in the states, since none outside Alaska go higher. Hiking in itself is sort of a cult-like following. I've done 4 easier 14ers and this past weekend was going to be #5. is by far the best site for these hikes. You can find my most recent trip report here.

Hope everyone enjoys the week as winners.

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