Friday, September 23, 2011

Statement Game Tomorrow

Sorry the posting has been so light this week.  Unfortunately life happens (work, kids, etc) sometimes, but hopefully things are looking up a bit for me as far as free time goes.  Today is still pretty crazy though, so I'm trying to knock this out on an abbreviated lunch break. But here are some of my thoughts on the Ole Miss game.

I realize that calling tomorrow a "Statement Game" may be perceived as a bit of a stretch given the opponent.  But for me, it is very important to win convincingly tomorrow.  I totally agree with LC that I want to win, and look good doing it.  Now obviously I'd rather look bad while squeaking out a win than look good while losing, but I think tomorrow will be a real test of the mental preparation of this team.  For two consecutive weeks, they've come out and played with fire and intensity.  We didn't get the win against the Gamecocks, but if we play with the same intensity tomorrow, we could make the same mistakes in tomorrow's game that we did against SC, and we should still win by 10-14 points. 

I can't remember the last time we came out and played with that level of effort for 3 consecutive weeks though..........maybe back in 2007?  So for me, if the team is able to overcome an early start and their first "real" road game of the season and come out ready to play some ball, that will tell me that things really might be starting to turn around.  But if we come out with the unfocused, unprepared approach that has become all too familiar the past few years, then even a win won't make me feel any better about where we stand or about Richt's future.  It's hard to look at this game and envision us losing.......and yet I can't sit here and say that Ole Miss this year is much different than Colorado last year, and we saw what happened there.  So again, for me this game is about making a statement about what type of team we are going to be the rest of the year.  Win big, and things are looking up.  Lose, or win a sloppy game, and the mentality of the team is still going to be in question.  As so many people have stated, there is virtually no margin for error at this point.

As for my prediction, I think we win somewhere in the 17 point range.  I don't have a gut feeling if it will be more of a 20-3 victory or a 34-17 victory, but I'd probably bank more on the latter.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.



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