Sunday, September 4, 2011


There are 3 ways to look at this loss:

  1. We played the #5 team in the country and got beat by a better team.

  2. We have a lot of work to do, but all is not lost.

  3. We're looking 0-2 squarely in the face and are going to have another disappointing season.

I saw absolutely nothing promising. All I wanted to see was improvement, but it really looked like the UCF debacle was just 2 weeks ago.

Yes, the D looked gassed at times, but I'll say that's more due to the offense being completely inept. My God, the offense really looked "turrible" as Charles Barkley would say. The O line couldn't do anything. Crowell looked good, but he just wasn't given much with which to work. Samuel is NOT a starting TB for a good team. This might be an omen. If this was the NFL, Orson Charles would demand a trade.

I just watched College Football Final and in their Final Verdict segment, Rece Davis posed the question, "Does UGA have to beat SC for Mark Richt to keep his job?"

Mark May (he of infinite knowledge) said if you can't win in the SEC, you've got to go.

Coach Holtz said Richt needs to be running the offense and deserves some leeway.

I agree with May, but not so much with Holtz.

What do you think?

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