Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome, AU...Not Really.

You can find more details on all the parameters almost anywhere else, but the bottom line with Texas A&M and Missouri coming over to the SEC is that Auburn is (all but) coming to the Eastern Division. That doesn't strike fear in my heart as a UGA fan as long as Ted Roof is roaming the sidelines and Trooper Taylor is doing his thug thing out on the road, but I was really hoping we'd end up getting a team somewhere in the Eastern Standard Time Zone to keep the divisions as they are and just add 1 on each side (WVU really intrigued me, but word is their UHF TV market was a huge turnoff).

Having said all that, from a fan standpoint, I really hate to see AU leave the West because of their long, storied history with the Tide.
The flip side is that it really ratchets up our rivalry to another level.

This is obviously a money move as the best conference in the land goes out into the fertile recruiting grounds of Texas and makes all SEC fans over 60 just plum giddy to get to go to Branson, MO when their team plays.

Now, let's skip ahead a few years and say that us, SC, UF, UF and now AU are all loaded and ready for a title run. Good God, what a murderer's row to get to the SECCG.

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