Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Not a lot going on this week. It's hard to find a lot of storylines for Ole Miss with them being in the shape they're in and coming off that thumping at the hands of Vandy.
(Speaking of Vandy, I'll be paying very close attention to their game vs. the Cocks this Saturday).

Malcolm Mitchell has been getting first team reps, the coaches are mulling moving Samuel to the Redcoat Band, we issued a formal apology to Coach Kiffin about stealing Marlon Brown from him, etc. Like I said, not a lot in which to report thus far.

Like I said before, we have to come in focused and ready and usher a beatdown on the Rebels or Bears or Tea Party or whatever the hell they are now. I don't have any inside info, but I don't sense a huge player rally around Corch Nuttjob and them taking the field with extra oomph this week. If they do, I still think we should handle them w/ ease.

Anything going on you guys want to rave, bitch or talk about in general regarding the Dawgs?

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