Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 Down, 6 To Go

The worst thing players can do is look past an upcoming game, but we here at OTA aren't players (not on the field nor in the bars...at least not lately). I want to take a look at our next 6 games compared with some other teams and see where we are and some likely scenarios.
Greg McGarity said it best yesterday that the teams we've beaten are teams that have struggled and do not have a conference win (all the while trying not to downplay winning in Knoxville at night). That's blatantly obvious and I'm glad he said it. Our tests are coming up.
Let's take a look at our next 6 compared w/ South Carolina and Florida:

  • UGA:

  • @ Vanderbilt: I don't think we'll go in there looking ahead because we know what's at stake, we have an off week coming up and this is a game we simply cannot lose no matter what happens.

  • Florida: As I've said before, we've got to win this game for multiple reasons, first & foremost to remain in the running for the SEC East and if Richt is to keep his job, this game is a must. I don't care if Florida is up, down or sideways, we've got to start winning there. The hype for this game is going to be huge no matter what happens to UF this week @ AU. It's Muschamp against his former team, they've had a brutal October, etc. We're back in the East race, have crapped the bed too many times, Richt's hot seat, etc.

  • New Mexico State: Not even worth analyzing other than to say that Sanford Stadium will be rocking on this Homecoming if we beat the Gators. If not? Expect a deflated atmosphere and massive ticket sales on Facebook, ebay and Stub Hub.

  • Auburn: The South's Oldest Rivalry went nuclear last season, so regardless of our outcome vs. the Gators, I hope we bring the pain and beat the ish out of these guys, both on the scoreboard and with physicality.

  • Kentucky: They're terrible.

  • @ Nerds: I hope they're undefeated, every female gets strip-searched for Chick-fil-A contraband and we ruin their purdy little season.

OK, let's say we beat Florida and roll the rest of the way (losing to the Nerds will send me to Milledgeville, but it won't have SEC implications), we still need for SC to lose. Let's look at their remaining games:

  • South Carolina:

  • @ Mississippi State: If the Bizarro Dogs had last year's team, I'd feel better. They don't and I don't.

  • @ Tennessee: Bray's going to still be out for this one, but let's hope they can summon something deep within and get a win. Just because Connor Shaw looked good vs. Kentucky doesn't mean he's going to look good the rest of the way. I see SC winning this one.

  • @ Arkansas: THIS is the game they'll lose. Their D has looked putrid at times and what better team to face than Arky. LSU @ Bama will be getting all the national ink that day, but this is a huge game for UGA.

  • Florida: Muschamp will likely be feeling some pressure to win this one for a multitude of reasons and it's another one we need for SC to lose...but only if we beat Florida. If not, it's a toss up depending on what happens preceding it.

  • The Citadel: God Bless the USA.

  • @ Clemson: If Dabo hasn't run out of adrenaline by then, it'll be fun to see them lose this one out of pure spite.

Now, let's take a look at the Gators. They've been wallopped the past 2 weeks and hope to get back in the East race with their remaining 6 games:

  • Florida:

  • @ Auburn: The pressure will be on the coaches and the players to win this one and I honestly see no reason that they won't. Face it. AU's not that good, but they find a way to win. I just don't see them pulling this one off, although it would benefit us tremendously if they did.

  • Jawja: We need to win. They need to win. This one is going to be a slobber knocker.

  • Vanderbilt: They've been needing this one after the brutal October slate. Vandy could catch them on a downturn, but I doubt it.

  • @ South Carolina: If we beat UF and SC loses to Arky, then we want UF to win this one.

  • Furman: They have a great football camp for high school QBs. That's about it.

  • FSU: FSU has been a major disappointment this year. If the trend continues, UF likely wins it, but rivalry games are normally a toss-up. It obviously doesn't matter in terms of conference implications, but any time Florida loses is cause for celebration (unless we need them to beat SC).

All of the above is going to be null & void if we don't beat Florida and SC doesn't drop one along the way, but it's fun to look at and damn sure puts things in perspective.

In the interest of not being a complete homer, keep in mind exactly what McGarity said and how we all should feel: our 4 wins were against bad teams. Yes, we're supposed to win those games, but our biggest test is coming up.

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