Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bye week....

What games are you most interested in this week or are you like the team, ready for a break from football?

I'm interested to see how Clemson looks after last week's almost loss and I'm always game for watching Auburn get beat, so hopefully LSU will destroy them. Curious about Tech down in south beach and only slightly interested in Wisconsin-MSU.

My game of the week will be USC-ND. I realize that I'm the only one, but ND is actually my #2 team (very distant), so I will be watching that one but honestly that's probably it for me this weekend. Amazingly, a couple of the ski slopes have opened up out here. I'll be heading up to the mountains for something but who knows what just yet. I'm out the rest of the week, so everyone have a good weekend and rest your injuries for our HUGE next week. We'll need strong voices, solid high fives, chest bumps, and strong drinking arms.

In case any of you have missed it, here's a look at a cool little shout out commercial Hyundai showed during some games this year.


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