Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comments Missing From This Blog

Just a quick note from the crew here.

I noticed today that there have been some comments that are not showing up on the blog.  We replaced the default Blogger commenting system (which sucks) with the Disqus commenting system a while back, and the Disqus comments basically mask the Blogger system.

Well, apparently I didn't disable the Blogger comments, so  in some situations it is causing a conflict and the Blogger commenting system is showing up instead of Disqus.  But if you posted a comment through the Blogger comments, it hasn't been showing up on the blog because again, they are masked by the Disqus system.

I apologize for the confusion, I've disable the Blogger comments now.  If you were affected by this, I hope you didn't feel like we were removing/censoring comments.  We always welcome discussion from all points of view.

If you ever post something that doesn't show up, please shoot me an email, there's a link to my email in my profile if you click on my name on the right hand side of the blog (under "Wannabe Pulitzer Winners").

Thanks to everybody who reads us.