Monday, October 17, 2011

Dawg in the mirror

We are Florida's Kentucky. Follow me here, in the last 10 meetings, we are 8-2 against Kentucky and UF is 8-2 against us. I worked in Atlanta with a bunch of Gators from the late 90's until a few years ago when I moved to Tampa and worked with even more Gators. I can tell you that most of them feel the same way about us as we do about Kentucky (or Tech for LC).

As I posted last night, I was disgusted disappointed with the Vandy game. We are not good enough to look past anybody, so who's to blame for whatever that was on Saturday in Nashville. Maybe nobody, maybe I just think we're better than we are or at least should be better. Maybe I should stop looking for someone to blame or trying to find something that's wrong, maybe I just need to accept the fact that our program will be average to above average every year with a random very good to great year. We sat through the late 80's and 90's thinking we were always underachieving and wondering what it would take to get back to the glorious early 80's. Then 2002 came and we thought this was it, we are going to turn it around and become the power that we should be.

Maybe the blip on the radar was the early to mid 2000's and not the past few years. The past few years might just be what we are. Believe me, I try to put us in the big boy league all the time. I track our total wins as a program, our number of bowl appearances, bowl wins, Heisman winners, 10 win seasons, etc.

Maybe I should stop expecting us to be Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Nebraska, OSU, Michigan, Alabama, LSU, Florida St, Miami, or Florida. We don't have recent extended periods of dominance like these teams, so why do I keep thinking that we should.

This probably sounds like I'm really down on the program but it's honestly more that I'm trying to be a more realistic fan and lower my annual expectations. That doesn't mean I don't want us to win SEC titles and a National title once in my adult lifetime, but maybe I should stop expecting it and just start hoping for it. There's a lot of schools out there that would love to have what we have at UGA, so I should start appreciating that more. I mean I wish I was taller (closer to LC) but at least I'm not as short as Rev :) , so here's a toast to turning over a new leaf and being a happier Dawg.


note: I'm hoping that if I keep telling myself this stuff that I'll start to believe it and not get so worked up over games, but expect another irrational rant if we lose to the Gators again. SERENITY NOW!!!

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