Saturday, October 22, 2011

Florida Game Poll & Thoughts

Just curious how you guys are feeling about the Florida game right now?  Obviously being one week out, a lot of things can still happen before kickoff, but as things sit right now, what does your gut tell you is going to happen?

We get 2 major contributors back, but have 2 more sitting out for a half.  Brantley may be back for the Gators, but you gotta figure even if he does play, he won't be 100%.  And as crazy as it may sound, I would almost feel more comfortable if Brantley DOES play, because in some ways that simplifies the defensive philosophy.  Even when healthy, Brantley is no running threat, so with a gimpy ankle you gotta figure the last thing we'd have to worry about is him breaking containment and scrambling for yards, which is something their younger QB's can do.  So the defensive philosophy becomes much more straightforward at that point.  Brantley has actually been impressive as a passer this year, but I think we can pressure him and give our secondary the opportunities to make big plays.

There will be much more analysis leading up to the game, just curious to get a pulse on how most of you guys are feeling right now.  The poll is below, and please add any additional thoughts in the comments.


A Week Out, How Are You Feeling About the FL Game?

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