Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grantham Time!


It's Todd Grantham's world. We're just living in it.

Rev gave him mad props today and I won't bother repeating it since he nailed everything in singing his praises, but this guy is earning that paycheck and erasing the memory/stench of Willie and reminding me (although it's still early) of the VanGorder days.

Even with our depleted LB corps, we are playing fantastic D every game (I don't put much stock in the opener because the offense was so putrid and our guys were gassed, but Boise didn't blow us out).

I was especially excited when Big John Jenkins slammed their RB to the ground (pictured above) at the end of the 3rd mainly because I was eager to see him get a little love from the fans. He slammed that guy so hard, Jimmy Hoffa's bones rose to the surface.

He's done a fantastic job clogging the middle, but this was really nice to see.

Jarvis Jones is the real deal. I mean, this guy is a stud and I shudder to think how life would be without him.

On that same note, where would we be without Crowell? Damn, he is getting the rock and getting things done. If you think about it, he earned a helluva lot of yards (100+) behind an OL that, for some reason, couldn't open up many holes today.

In sum, we dropped too many sure INTs and the offense sputtered too many times (see the aforementioned OL struggles), but a W is a W. We didn't look terrible and we didn't let them back in the game (but we still don't put teams the F away with authority).

However, with AU beating the hilariously discombobulated Gamecocks, this should be a HUGE motivating factor for us heading into Knoxville.

Steven Garcia's play is an insult to the craptacular Reggie Ball.

It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Thoughts? Gripes? Praises?

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