Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holy Moly

I had texted LC earlier this week that I was worried about us looking past these guys.  I'm not sure if we looked past them, or if it was just a function of playing without our best playmaker at WR, and a significant amount of the game without our best RB.  Or if it was just that our special teams are the biggest joke this side of the Mississippi.

If Richt ends up staying on and gets a new contract, there should be a stipulation put in there that for every successful fake punt we give up, Richt gets docked a half million dollars or so.  Maybe then SOMEBODY will pay attention to that epidemic.  We have to hold the all time record for allowing successful fake punts over a 10 year period.  (Yes, I'm being facetious about the half million dollars per fake punt.....sort of).

At the end of the day though, every team has at least one of these games every year, and you're just happy to have escaped with a victory.  The team was not sharp at all, but they won.  Sometimes the victories you barely escape with are the most important ones, because they keep you in the hunt instead of ruining your season.  We would have found a way to lose that game last year, but instead we found a way to win, and I'd much rather almost lose than almost win.  The last time we barely escaped with a victory in Nashville (20-17 victory in 2007), things turned out ok for us in Jacksonville.  Here's to hoping for a repeat of those events.

More to come tomorrow.


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