Friday, October 14, 2011


Seth did a good sit down with Hutson about his thoughts on his current role.

This is interesting to hear some honest comments from a young man. It concerns me to potentially lose something without knowing how good they could have been but that's the risk in having guys in the same class playing a single position. I personally think we could have gotten him some more reps over the past 3 games, but I understand not wanting to mess with Aaron while he's playing okay and making pretty good decisions in a 1-2 score game.

You have to feel bad for these guys that come in and work their butts off and never get a meaningful shot in a game. I know you base playing time on how they perform in practice but every indication has been that Hutson and Aaron are very close, more like a 1A and 1B than a true 1-2.

Guess that's why CMR makes the money. Looking back on the crap that was last season, it sure would have been nice to have redshirted him. Here's to hoping everything works out.


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