Saturday, October 29, 2011

In-Game Thoughts

A buddy texted that Samuel went off the field injured at the end......i was too busy celebrating, anybody else see that?

END OF GAME:  It wasn’tpretty, it wasn’t perfect, but it was OH SO SWEET!!!!!!!  I’m so glad LC gets to ride all the way homewith some Gator fans with a win in his back pocket.  And congrats to coach Richt, the staff, andthe players – still a ways to go, but I would not have predicted us to win 6straight after the 0-2 start, and losing both of our middle linebackers……….I’mglad I was wrong!!!!!!  IT’S GREAT, TOBE, A GEORGIA BULLDOG!!!!!!!  I’m headingout to spend the rest of the evening with my wife, but will have lots moretomorrow, as I’m sure my cohorts will. 


4th qtr, 5:32 to go:   BOOOOOM!  JARVIS JONES!

4th qtr, 6:00 to go:  Looks like it's up to the defense to win this one.

4th qtr, 8:12 to go:  I swear, if we waste this effort by the defense..........I don't even know what I'll say.  C'MON DAWGS!!!!

4th qtr, 10:25 to go:  No pick-6, but a 3 and out followed by a poor punt.  Still par for the course.  We have no clue how to close a team out.  This one's on the the players though, not the coaches.  The plays were there, and the players didn't make them.

4th qtr, 11:20 to go:  Another nice stand by the defense.  A touchdown here probably wins the game for us, which means we will throw a pick-6 shortly.

4th qtr, 13:18 to go:  What?  I've ALWAYS loved Samuel as a tailback!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  I've got the Ric Flair shuffle going all over the living room right now.

3rd qtr, 1:00 to go:  Damn, just damn.  Richt needs to make a decision now.....either go to Bogotay, or go for it on 4th down every time.  Walsh is a damn good Dawg, and has been great for us in the past, but it's time for him to step down.  As a bonus, Dallas Lee sure didn't look good hobbling off the field.

3rd qtr, 4:54 to go:  The defense has actually played great ball in the 2nd half.  Held the Gators to essentially nothing after the big kickoff return. Unfortunately, they were already in FG range, and can actually make field goals.  20-17, bad guys.  C'mon Dawgs!

3rd qtr, 5:49 to go:  Damn, just damn.

3rd qtr, 6:00 to go:  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd qtr, 8:26 to go:  Not a great punt by Butler, but FL helps us with a personal foul.  Will be interesting to see how badly Murray is hurt.  Mason has looked good whenever he's been on the field, but he's typically been on the field against pretty weak competition.  I'm not sure right now is when I want to find out what he looks like against the big boys.

3rd qtr, 11:02:  Nice stand by the D to keep them deep and not allow Florida to flip the field.  Getting S. Commings back at CB (since Williams is back at safety) is huge against the run.  I'm a huge fan of his.  As good as Boykin has been, Commings is my favorite DB for us, but he's much better at corner than safety.

Halftime thoughts:  Nice to see Richt go for it on 4th down.  He's done everything possible to provide affirmations to Walsh, and it just isn't working.  Also nice to see Ogletree make an impact by forcing a fumble from Rainey.  I feel worse now though than at the end of the 1st qtr.....I really thought the 2nd qtr was gonna go better than that.  We need to come out and make something happen early in the 2nd half.

2nd qtr, 3:40:  Walsh misses....again....special teams.....damn, just damn.  First adjustment for Bobo at halftime..........tell the receivers to get their heads around quicker to look for the passes.

2nd qtr, 10:50:  Boykin drops an easy interception for the 89th time in his UGA career.

2nd qtr, 13:16:  Special teams.  Damn, just damn.

End of 1st qtr:  Given everything that went wrong, to only be down by 7 is really good.  And if Rainey is out, that changes the complexion of the game.  We're getting decent pressure by only rushing would surprise me to see many more blitzes today after we got burned on that 4th down blitz.  Overall, I actually feel decent about our chances right now.  (Rev)

Not live-blogging per se, but tossing in a couple of thoughts here and there.  Not sure, but SimpleMan may chime in too.

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