Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Hate Week!

Well, here we are. The week that Bulldog Nation has come to love...and dread...or struggle with every year.

Wanna know how I feel? I feel (as of today; it might change) that we're going to win. On paper, we're better than them. We have no major injuries to worry about. The fact that Brantley is coming back doesn't worry me. If we can contain Demps and TTDB (Time To Die, Bitch), we should be OK.

Now, as we're all acutely aware, this is the one game where records don't matter and we crap the bed more times than a drunken college student after eating a store-bought burrito.

There's no need for me to waste my and your time by getting into the mental aspect of everything, but let's just say that if we lose, I'll be very disappointed. Even moreso than in years past.

Muschamp is going to have them fired up and ready. He doesn't want to notch 4 straight SEC losses in his first year and especially against us. I'm sure our players & coaches know that, too.

So, how do you feel? Fire away!

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