Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mental Madness

For years, I have scratched my head at how we would continue to make the worst mistakes at the worst times year after year in Jortsonville. I was absolutely baffled at how we just couldn't get the job done in those games. Granted, this doesn't apply in 2006, 2008 or 2009 (just for recent references) as they were clearly better than us, but in the years where we were clearly better (2002!!!!) or close talent-wise (2005), they'd find a way to win...or we'd find a way to lose...or both.

This year, that crap needs to stay in the past. None of our guys dropped the pass thrown to Terrence Edwards in 2002. None were there in 2005 when D.J. caught an unlucky break and had to miss that game when he was playing absolutely lights out. Any of our guys that were there in 2009 can pretty much come to terms with the fact they were a lot better than us that year.

That ain't the case this year. We're pretty close in talent on both sides of the ball. Our offensive horse is Crowell. They have Demps & Rainey. Our front 7 is pretty stout. So is theirs.
It's going to come down to want to. We're in position to win the East. They want to break a 3 game losing streak. This is a rivalry game with a lot on the line for both sides. I'm firmly convinced that if we show up and do our jobs, don't have traditional brain freezes at the worst possible times and adjust appropriately when they do something crazy, we will win. Read that again. We will win.

I get the pessimism that my other 2 cohorts have, but I'm just not going to buy into the curse. I'm a blogger. I don't have to. The players are the ones that really need to ignore it and just do their jobs. Florida is going to come out ready to fight. Why shouldn't we?
I feel good about our DC making adjustments along the way. When's the last time we could say that about this game?

Maybe Richt needs to cue up the Hoosiers clip where Norman Dale shows his guys that even though they're at the state championship, the rim is still 10ft off the ground and the free throw line is still 15ft from the rim.

I'll be down there this year for the first time since 2004. That was a close contest that we won 31-24.

Guess what kids? I'm predicting the same score this time and we're going to come out on top again.

If we look completely unprepared and get outplayed, then we'll all have more interesting things to say, but we have no excuses. Unless our guys have quit on their coach, they should come out focused. If not, get ready for Armageddon.

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