Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Apologies to Mr. Grantham

I very prematurely criticized Grantham for the D's performance after the Boise State game.  After only giving up 26 points in the last 4 games, I'm thoroughly impressed with the defense.  The ONLY criticism I have is that out of 6 very easy opportunities for interceptions, we only converted 2.   MSU had half the opportunities, but converted all 3 of them.  But that can hardly be blamed on Grantham.

Grantham called a great game today.  Relf had no idea if we were coming after him, or just going to stay back in our zones.  And Cornelius Washington probably had his best game ever in the Red & Black.  I hope that is a sign of things to come!

I probably won't have a full review up until Monday morning, but I'm sure my cohorts here will be posting shortly. 

Would I have liked to see the offense execute a little better in the 2nd half?  Sure.  But that was a much more convincing win than I expected.  Overall, a great team effort in a game that was very important in building confidence for the rest of the year.

Oh yeah, and to the MSU time you decide to stomp on the other team's logo before the game, you might want to be ready to back that up.


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