Friday, October 7, 2011

My UT Prediction

SimpleMan talked about it in his post, the keys to this game are pretty much the same keys to the game as the past couple of weeks.........and honestly, looking at the schedule, the keys to the game are going to be pretty much the same every week except for maybe the Tech game that presents some unique challenges.  We have to overcome the absence of Washington being out the next couple of games, but I'm reasonably confident that the backups will be fine.  Or if not, that Grantham will get creative with personnel groupings and find a way to get it done.  As has been discussed here the past week or so, I'm very bullish on Grantham and the defense right now, and I think they'll come out with a chip on their shoulder tomorrow night.  They'll be facing the top passing QB in the conference without arguably their best pass rusher, which is just more incentive to go out there and prove any doubters wrong.  I think they'll be ready to prove that they will overcome Washington's absence, and be ready to throw everything they've got at Bray.  I like Bray a lot as a QB, but he's shown in the Florida game that he will make mistakes when pressured.

I'm just ready to see us finally play a complete game.  All 3 phases of our team have shown excellence at times, but seemingly never at the same time.  The defense has played some complete games, but the offense (minus the Coastal game) has not, and the special teams units have not.  My Dad (ugavet76) referred to a "Statement" game earlier in the week.  If we play a complete game Saturday night, in all 3 phases, this will absolutely be a statement game.  We have the potential to go in there and beat them soundly.  And if we do that, I'll be pulling the Kool-Aid back out and allowing myself to get optimistic about this season again.  Heck, I guess you could argue I already have.

I'm not willing to go quite as far as Dad did with his prediction in the comments section, but I'm not too far off.........

UGA - 34
Vols - 17


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