Monday, October 10, 2011


I understand completely that we view our Dawgs differently than other teams and media members (outside our program) view us. If Florida, for example, revamped their S&C program, I can guarantee you that I wouldn't care.
I cared about ours for obvious reasons. It was a headline grabber here. The same story in Gainesville is not going to generate the same sort of buzz in our blogosphere, etc.
What I'm leading up to is Clay Travis' recent column about the warmth of Derek Dooley's seat. For those of you that read his stuff, he is a very humorous writer and his new website is full of good reads. He is a Vol alum, is in possession of a law degree and slants his articles in favor of the Vols (he's a homer, but he's supposed to be). He is also the same guy that famously asked Tim Tebow if he was a virgin at SEC Media Days in 2008 (and Tebow answered, "Ewww! Girls are gross!")
This most recent entry had me scratching my head a bit, tho. In recapping the game, he calls us a "very mediocre and undisciplined team". Last year, he could have said that and I would have been nodding my head in agreement and moved on. Now? Not so much. I don't view us as either of those descriptions. "Very mediocre" is what UT is. I also don't view us as undisciplined. I honestly think he thinks we're the exact same team from 2009 & 2010. I also honestly don't care what he thinks about us, but I thought I'd bring it up and see if it generated any discussion here.

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