Sunday, October 9, 2011

Richt's 100th Win

Thumbs up, Coach.  Congrats on #100!  (picture from Macon Telegraph)

Coach Richt's 100th win looked a lot like a big chunk of the previous 99.........rely on the defense to hold the other team in check, and rely on the offense to entertain everybody with a game of "you'll never have a larger down & distance than us" do just enough to end up with more points than the other guys.  Seriously, 3rd and 57?  On the replays, on at least 2 of those holds, I swear I didn't see a hold from anybody.  Regular commenter here "haffy7281" called me after that and had a number of choice words for the officiating, it actually made me laugh, which I needed at that point.  But I gotta say, outside of the blown call on the fumble, which was a blown call no matter how they slice it, we actually probably got the benefit of at least as many borderline calls as the Vols did.  The officials were gawd awful, but they were awful both ways, so neither team has much to complain about.

I'm leaving today to go out of town for the week, so I'll leave the in-depth analysis to my cohorts here.  But here are just a few of my thoughts:

- I kept feeling like the defense was off their game, yet kept looking at the score and realizing that no matter how ugly they might look doing it, they were still doing their job.  Taking away special teams scores and scores directly off of turnovers by our offense (I'm counting the TD after Gilmore's return to the 5 in this category), the defense is averaging giving up 7.8 points per game since the Boise State debacle.  That is phenomenal.

- Nice to see #47 out there.  He wasn't anything remotely resembling dominating, but he held his own, which is impressive for a true frosh getting his first real playing time (scrub time against Coastal doesn't count for much) in an environment like that.

- Crowell is loaded with at least as much talent and ability as Moreno.......just wish he'd get some of Moreno's "Never let 'em know they hurt ya" mentality.  I only ever saw Moreno show it one time, and that was after Eric Berry completely laid him out on the sideline with a helmet-to-helmet hit.  Other than that, he popped up every time.  But Crowell seems to come up hobbling in some fashion or form after every solid hit he takes.

- Of course, it's easy for me to criticize in the comfort of my own home.  I don't have 240 lb linebackers bringing the wood every time I walk to the refrigerator for a new beverage (insert Terry Tate reference here).

- I just hope Crowell can shake off his ailments going forward, because our offense is much better when he's in there.  Props to Carlton Thomas though, he has been solid filling in when needed, even between the tackles!

- As frustrating as the first half was to watch, I was VERY  happy to see the OL come out in the 2nd half and step up their game.  They had seemed to fade in the 2nd half recently, but came out and took control in the 2nd half this time.  They opened good holes up until we went into our patented "Everybody knows we're going to run it up the middle" offense on the last 2 drives, and gave Murray good time in the pocket.

- Murray, come on man, show Tav King some love on the deep balls!!!!

- It amazes me how creative we ALWAYS are at finding ways to keep the other team in the game.  All we had to do was not get 40 consecutive penalty yards, kick a FG (yeah I know, no sure thing given recent performances), and the game would have been out of reach.  But that's just not how we roll.  We go out of our way to figure out ways to not put teams away.  There were some shady calls by the officials mixed in there, but we still have a knack for keeping the other team in it.  I'm not going to let myself fixate on that though, this was a good win for the team.

This game had its moments of frustrations for sure, but I am thrilled with the win.  I think winning a game in the 2nd half will do a lot of good for the team's psyche.  They knew they could jump on a team early and hold on for the win, now they know they can pull away in the 2nd half, and on the road too, then hold off a rally.  Congrats to Coach Richt on win #100, now let's see how high you can push that total through the end of the year.  GO DAWGS!


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