Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Suspensions for Geathers & Williams

I think we kinda expected it for Geathers, but I'm a little surprised about Williams getting a half game as well.  Jenkins can suck it up for a half, and often times in the nickel packages neither Jenkins or Geathers are on the field anyway, so I think we'll be fine there.  Williams is a blow though............Commings isn't as good of a safety as Williams, but he is an excellent corner, so if we have to move him then it hurts us at 2 spots.  And putting in any of our other backup safeties is a big step down from what Williams brings.  This really makes it important that the front 7 gets lots of pressure on the QB.  Of course, that's always important, but this makes it even moreso.

(thanks to haffy7281 for giving me a call, I had not seen the reports yet)


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