Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I will be heading down to Jortsonville tomorrow, so I thought it best to put the Friday Frivolities up today.

As I'm sure you read yesterday, I'm predicting a 31-24 win for the Dawgs. Upon further reflection, I'm thinking it might be a lower scoring game, but that's OK. Bernie's Dawg Blog said it might be an offensive output from us that will make most fans want to jump off the top of the stadium, but would likely be effective. I'm OK with that.
Big John Jenkins called this the "Cocktail Bowl". I like that. I'm sure President Adams doesn't, but who cares.

I'm sure all of you DirecTV customers are aware that we (I'm a customer, too) will lose FX and other channels (Nat Geo, Speed, etc., to name a few) due to a financial pissing match between the network and the satellite provider.
Check out for more info.

This really stinks for me as I watch Sons of Anarchy, Always Sunny and American Horror Story that are just in the midst of their seasons. A similar fiasco occurred on Dish last year, but only a few weeks of programming was missed.
If you're a huge fan of these shows, you can always watch them on iTunes and now for a small price (I think Amazon is showing AHS for $1.99/episode). (most shows are free) runs Always Sunny, but I think they wait a while before showing the eps.

For those of you heading down to the WLOCP, have fun and be safe. The Landing is a favorite place for a lot of people to go, but it's gotten pretty dangerous there over the years. Mixing in 2 fan bases that basically hate each other into a setting aplenty with bars and you have a recipe for disaster. I'm too old and cranky to put up with that crap, so we're going to take it sleazy tomorrow night, pop a quarter in the vibrating bed and watch Spanish soap operas. Brown chicken brown cow.
Corey Smith will be playing at the FL Theatre Friday night, and as I'd love to go, it's not going to fit in our sched.

Selfishly, I really want a win because we're making the trip with another couple that are huge UF fans. Oy vey.

Onward & upward and GO DAWGS!

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