Thursday, October 6, 2011

UT Game Prediction

As I stated yesterday, I just don't feel good about this game. Simple Man just said that it's rare you see UT drop 4 in a row (LSU, Bama & SC follow), but we need to let them worry about that and do our thing because you know they see the writing on the wall and will come out firing. It's a night game in Knoxville and that's always interesting for the visiting team.
It has been said that if we win this game, we're the favorite in the East. I certainly hadn't thought of it that way because I still feel we HAVE to beat Florida in Jacksonville, but after reading Seth Emerson's mailbag last night, he stated just that with scenarios to back it up.
What concerns me is that our 3 game winning streak came against subpar teams and our offense in the last 2 (vs. the Mississippi Sorority Sisters) did anything to inspire awe, especially in the 2nd halves. Having said that, we have all the tools to win and it'll be very interesting to see how we fare when the orange crowd comes in all liquored up and gets loud every time UT gains some momentum.
I hate to be a pessimist, but if we lose this game, stick a fork in us. We blew the SC game. We can't blow any more. Those of you wanting the Fire Richt train to get back on track, well, you'll be happy with a L. Those of you just wanting to see us get to the SECCG, you'll be happy with a W. I just hope we look good getting that W and put the 2nd half offensive woes to bed and continue to bring the pain on D. Whichever LB shows out, I want Grantham to take their keys and escort them to their beds until Monday.
It's nut check time and while I don't feel necessarily good about the game, I don't exactly see us losing:
UGA 27
UT 17

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