Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vandy Game Thoughts

I was at the game and feel that I speak for everyone both in attendance and watching at home: Let's hope this wasn't one of our better efforts and that we were looking ahead to the break and Florida. There was more head shaking while walking out of the stadium than unsuspecting patrons walking out of The Crying Game.
Having said that, Vandy put up 28 points on one of the better defenses in the SEC. Their points didn't come off turnovers like vs. SC. They gashed us on runs up the gut like a hot knife thru butter. I found this highly disconcerting.
A good team will beat us if we continue to play that way. Our 5 wins are against subpar talent. Florida, for all their injuries and woes and 3 game losing streak, will be ready on October 29th.
They have 2 weeks to prepare and so do we. Let's hope we right the wrongs in this game and bring our best effort because the road to Atlanta just got a lot easier with the breaking news from Columbia that Lattimore is out for the year with the knee injury he sustained yesterday.
I just want to look a lot better getting there (if we indeed to take advantage of the opportunity).

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