Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vandy predicition

Vandy's D is good and their O is bad.

To put things in perspective, Vandy beat up Ole Miss with a lot of help on defense (5 picks) and played @ SC tough, picking off former SC QB Garcia 4 times. Bottom line: They are capable of beating us, but this should be an easy win. They have no offense and as long as our offense doesn't help them out, they shouldn't be able to score on us. There's no reason to be looking ahead because we have a bye week, so all the focus this week should be on playing a very complete game.

Main things I hope to see in this order:
  • Win
  • No costly/bad turnovers
  • Avg over 4.5 yards a carry and gain over 200 total rushing yards (this one will be tricky)
  • Backups getting a lot of 4th quarter playing time
  • No 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and 50 plus
I honestly don't care about a blow-out as much I care about no injuries and never having the outcome in doubt. I won't be criticizing the play calling after the game as long as we WWoS (win without stress) as opposed to WWS. I'll actually be happy to see a win like Ole Miss or Miss St because I'll be able to justify (in my mind) a conservative offense because we are saving something for UF.

Dawgs - 23
Smarty Pants - 6

Can someone please get me an update on a new UGA? What's going on down in Savannah. I love Russ but we need a real UGA to be taken seriously.


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