Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wow. Not that I expected it to go away nice and tidy, but the laundry just got a lot dirtier with this.
For those of you that might not have heard, someone raised up their cell phone and recorded the postgame conversation between Coach Franklin (after he got his ass chewed by Grantham) and Coach Richt. You can audibly tell what Richt is saying, but at the end of their chat, Richt appears to say, "Yeah, he's a dumbass." Re-read what I put: appears to have said it.
Here are the problems I have with their exchange:

  1. I know it's Richt's demeanor that he's always cool, calm and collected, and at the time did not see Franklin coming onto the field and gesturing towards #36 (Williams), but this is just not good. After all the chop blocking going on out there by Franklin's team, why wouldn't he have been a bit more terse with him or at least brought that up...or just walked away.

  2. If he did indeed call Williams a dumbass, how in the world is he going to explain that to him?

  3. What if he was calling Grantham a dumbass?

  4. People are crucifying Grantham for his reaction and not enough heat is being put on Franklin (IMHO), but I'm more disturbed by Richt's handling of it both with Franklin in the above clip and his comments after the game about being gentlemen.

Reeder 3:16 said it's all fine well and dandy to rip Williams & Grantham behind closed doors, but he needed to stand up for them more than he did. I 100% agree with that sentiment.

At this particular moment in time, I feel like we're preparing for the most important game of our season with tampons in our locker. What if the players are overcome with the feeling that their head coach doesn't have their back like their DC does after they were reacting to a close win and were still feeling the adrenaline & anger by the chippy play by Vandy? I hate to make comparisons, but there are a few coaches that come to mind immediately that I feel quite sure would have handled that situation at midfield a helluva lot differently. Damnation.

Based on what I've just seen, I'm even more glad Grantham reacted the way he did. I'm more ashamed of how Richt has handled it thus far.

If you feel differently about it, let me know in the comments section.

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