Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vol Prediction

For the record, I'm 5-0 in making my UGA predictions this season, so there's a lot of pressure in making this pick ^^ (btw, that's rolling my eyes in the future and this time it's for sarcasm, while we all wait for a sarcasm font). I wish I was 3-2 but unfortunately my feelings have been right, not that I'm keeping up with it or anything.

All games pretty much have the same key factors
  • run the ball
  • stop the run
  • minimize turnovers
  • limit big plays on defense
  • solid special teams
  • yada yada yada
I don't think too many people outside of Knoxytop would argue that we are the more complete team and all things being equal, should win. Having said that, we also know that games aren't always won by the better team, [cough] South Carolina. Our last 2 trips up there have been disasters and the 2007 game cost us a chance to play for a championship.

Tennessee has a lot of talent and even without Hunter, this team has some playmakers. Bray is probably the 2nd best QB we'll see this year. It should be a really good measuring stick for the defense. They have pretty much no running game, so we'll need to get some pressure on the QB and have solid secondary coverage and tackling. I really want to see both YAC's (yards after contact/catch) very low.

It's easy to say that if the defense keeps playing the way they have been and Murray takes care of the ball better, we should walk away with a very important W this weekend. I'm very worried about this week, maybe because we've been destroyed the last 2 trips up there or maybe because when I look at the Vols next 3 games after us (LSU, @ Bama, and SC), I start to think that it's not often Tennessee drops 3-4 games in a row.

Well this is the first time I'm letting my heart pick over my gut this year. At some point we have to be the team that benefits from turnovers and this is that game. A couple of early turnovers from the D sets the tone and we stay just enough ahead to hold on for a close win.

UGA - 29
UT - 24


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