Sunday, October 30, 2011

We'll Take It

I tell ya, that was one helluva emotional roller coaster I was riding when watching that game.

As I told my cohorts on here (in a profane e-mail not suitable for younger readers), I have never been as mad & disgusted as I was in the majority of the first half. I was 100% convinced that we were in store for a long day and another loss.

I guess I fell prey to the "it happens every year!" feeling and just lost all control (like I said I wouldn't do).

But, I'll give credit where credit is due: our boys didn't quit.

Make no mistake, that was a bad Florida team we beat. Yes, our D played their asses off, but Brantley was terrible (he isn't much better when healthy, to be completely honest). We just feasted upon his pupu platter play, which is what we're supposed to do.

This was not only a win against a rival that has owned us, but it was a SEC East divisional win and one we HAD to have. No one could reasonably expect UT to beat SC, but let's just hope that Arky didn't bring their A game vs. Mighty Vandy and will next week.

Walsh (more on him in a minute) and his complete collapse between the ears did force us to go for it on 4th down where we would normally have opted for the FG, but we scored twice. That's 14 points instead of 6 for those of you keeping score at home.

As for Walsh, I don't know what in the F his deal is, but he needs to do whatever he needs to do to fix it and the team needs to do the same. Good Lord, that's going to bite us in the ass at some point against a team that's a lot better than Florida.

He's going to need a police escort to the bathroom if he has another game like that.

Big, BIG kudos to Samuel. That boy came ready to play and absolutely willed himself thru the FL DL at times. Outstanding game.

Jarvis Jones was a man amongst boys out there. He's been our defensive MVP and it isn't even close despite the stellar play on that side of the ball by the other guys.

As for reactions and chatter overheard in the stands, the air was let out of the stadium several times in the first half. If a plane had been flying overhead, it would have created major turbulence. To say we/they were disgusted is an understatement.

Lots of folks still want a coaching change. Lots of folks want Walsh to suffer a Nancy Kerrigan-like fate. Lots of folks were convinced Murray was concussed judging by some of his throws.

In the end, tho, lots of folks were barking their asses off and did not leave their seats until the Dawgs left the field. It was a helluva scene and something I'm glad I was a part of for the 3rd time in 5 trips.

Like Rev said, the New Mexico State game can't come at a better time because we have lots of things to correct before the final 4 games.

If Arky takes care of SC this Saturday (7:15 on ESPN), the AU game will be off the charts.


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