Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I learned on Saturday....


Our defense played another very solid game against a less than average offense. The offense continued the ups and downs of the year. I'm not gonna break this down in depth but the bottom line is that if Aaron continues to make bad decisions with the ball, we will lose more games. The inconsistency of the offense is very concerning, it seems like once we lose it, we really lose it. It's hard to understand why our QB's have never really been taught to look off receivers and run through progressions faster. Yes, it's hard to learn but I see other college QB's being able to handle it. Aaron is getting read like a Kindle on a beach trip on some of these passes. I'm happy with the win but I watched a lot of football today and we are still a very average team with better than average athletes.

Around the land

Well SC and UF lost which obviously helps us but only if we keep winning. (Brantley might be gone for the year based on the way he looked coming off but what do I know) Watching Bama and LSU play makes us look like a D-II school. I still think UF is the best team in the east but we have time to keep getting better. Bama played such a solid game, it's really a thing of beauty. Sure they sat on the lead late but they are still able to extend the lead in doing so. They just don't miss tackles and blocks very often and it's amazing watching them cover the quick screen passes. The SC-Auburn game was crazy. How in the world does Auburn run that many plays with that many yards and not score 20 points (maybe 4 turnovers). Also, how does Garcia beat us 2 years in a row. That guy is absolutely terrible.

Great comeback by Arkansas, tough couple weeks for A&M. If you want to see how to come out in the second half, see LSU. Up by 14 at half and then you look up and it's 35-0. As a pure football fan, I really hope LSU-Bama meet undefeated.

Clemson looked incredible (except for the all white uni's, that just looks stupid). They dominated on both sides of the ball and look very fast. Va Tech has never been known for offense but I was very impressed with Clemson's defense. That's 3 weeks in a row for the Tigers and they really deserve a high ranking based on what they've done. Also, in this week's sign that they are new to this winning thing, they gave Dabo the gatorade shower.

Georgia Tech's offense is scary when you add a QB that can actually throw the ball a little. They're a tough match-up for anyone right now.

Wisconsin put it to Nebraska but I really thought Nebraska was outplaying them early until Martinez started throwing picks all over the field and then Wisconsin just ran away with it. Those teams are a lot closer than the score showed.

Notre Dame and Texas both looked solid today.

Watching our game at Mellow again today and they had on Penn St-Indiana on a side TV. I told Rev that it was the absolute worse game I've ever half watched. Those are two very slow, very bad teams.

Well that's all the football I was able to watch today so that's all you get from me.



William said...

The thing I learned this weekend is that the masterminds behind UGA offense still think a 2 possession lead is still enough to sit on starting at halftime. While the rest of the country keeps their foot on the gas.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guyskill me... You would blame the coaching staff if the sun didnt come up tomorrow. Are you really dumb enough to think we don't teach qbs to look off? I suppose 4 different qbs who had heisman like seasons at least once did that all on their own including murry last year. You don't even know what starting down a receiver is.

Yesterday he threw a horrible lead to Mitchell, get over it... It happens. And he was flat tricked at the line by what looked like a blitzing linebacker. If you'll recall, those two came on hot routes... You can't look any of these 3 ints off. Need to make better throws and not be tricked by the defense? Yes... But you're top notch analysis needs the readers to perform this look off you refer to, er perhaps it's more of a look away...