Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Would you rather game

Let's say we run the table the rest of the way (power of positive thinking), would you rather:
  1. Lose to Alabama/LSU in the SEC title game, finish the season with 3 losses, win the Cap One bowl, and finish ranked 10th OR
  2. Have SC win out (SEC play) and lose in SEC title game. We win the Sugar Bowl finishing ranked 4th.
And yes, I understand scenario 2 is very complicated because of other SEC teams ahead of us getting a 2nd BCS bowl but just indulge me.

Obviously we want to win out and win the SEC title game but I've always wondered what other people thought about playing in a title game and losing versus just missing out on the game? Being Oklahoma or Ohio St and losing national title games or being us those couple of years we were right there. Twice during CMR's tenure, we just missed out in playing for the national title. There's no doubt when you're on the outside, all you want is a chance to prove yourself.

Auburn got screwed back in the 2004 season but was it better to have the argument than getting beat down. USC embarrassed Oklahoma in the title game and at the end of the day, would you rather have been Auburn or Oklahoma? Remember when Nebraska humiliated Florida for the 1994 national title.

It's probably a defeatism attitude to say that you'd rather not play in a title game than to play in it and lose it, but listening to fans that have both won and lost, most tell you that losses hurt way worse and stay with you longer. I know the Sugar Bowl lose to West Virginia makes me more angry today than the Sugar Bowl win over FSU brings me joy. Doesn't mean the FSU win wasn't great but there's really no reason to 2nd second guess wins after some time passes or play the what-if games that we all do with losses.

Being completely honest, I'm not sure where I fall on this because losses seem to stick with me forever but at the end of the day, we don't know the outcomes of games beforehand, so you have to say keep putting me in title games and I'll take my chances. It's probably easier for fans of those teams that know they'll be getting a chance every few years, for us, we might be looking at a once in a lifetime situation.



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