Thursday, November 10, 2011

AU Prediction

Let's just get this out of the way: I cannot fathom us losing this game. I really can't.

I've (obviously) seen every game we've played this year and most of Auburn's and I'm going to be stunned if we don't win this by at least a TD.

Auburn's D is borderline awful, so we should shred them up with runs and throws to our TEs and WRs. Their offense is good/pretty good, but our D should be able to handle them just fine.

Also, they're a young team that plays with a lot of heart and got a couple of wins early in the year (Utah State & MS State) that called for them to rally late and get a late stop. They also didn't look like world-beaters against FL Atlantic.

However, if you want to argue that those games were early in the year, that's fine. Arky beat them pretty easily and they beat a bad-looking SC in a bizarre game where Garcia was doing his best Quincy Carter "I Owe a Bookie" impression and Lattimore got precious few touches.

In sum, our season is going to end with help from AU on 2 fronts: them beating SC and us beating them for the SEC East title.

UGA 31

AU 17

Also, I'm wearing black tomorrow out of spite.


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