Monday, November 14, 2011

Aubie recap

As always, Rev did a great job with the recap, so I'll just add a few of my thoughts.

Completely agree about how impressive Grantham has been with in-game adjustments. There's been quite a few games this year where a team looks like they're gonna have their way with us and then we absolutely shut them down the rest of the game. We've had some very good small DB's in the past 10 years but I really love having a big secondary. These guys all like hitting and are very solid in coverage. Imagine for a second how good this defense could potentially be next season.....scary good.

The kicking thing is working right now but I'm curious who our "go-to" guy is if it comes down to a last second FG.

I know he was just handing the ball off, but I was surprised that Aaron was still playing into the 4th and maybe even to finish the 3rd. He's playing very good but I do wish he'd throw the ball away more instead of taking a sack or bad hit (the one where he got his legs taken out when he rolled right). Of course, Matt Ryan is just as bad on Sunday's, so it's apparently not an easy thing to learn.

I can't wait to see how we play against Tech and LSU (or whoever).

My final thought is that Verne and Gary are terrible. I usually don't complain too much about announcers but good googly moogly, they got so many things wrong. Verne couldn't figure out if Thomas or Harton was running the ball, mispronouncing names, and even reading stats on the screen incorrectly. Maybe it was just me but it was tough to listen to. Gary drives me crazy with his arrogance. I like Verne but these old guys just need to move on, they can't keep up with the game.

I'll be disappointed if we don't win these next 2 but there's no way you can say that this team gave up on the season after the rough start. Love to have a do over on those first games but the team was able to move on much faster than I was.


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