Monday, November 7, 2011

Auburn line - Crazy

I know we don't talk lines and betting very often but what in the world is going on with this Auburn line. How are we sitting at around 12 point favorites. I'll have more later in the week about my thoughts and predictions but I can promise you there's rarely been a time when either one of these teams was a 12 pt favorite over the other.

I say give us the 2.5 for being home (not 3 because it's Auburn) and then another 3 max for higher ranking. I'd say a reasonable line would be closer to a TD.

For the record, I was way off on the LSU/Bama score but had the winner. As far as seeing a rematch, I'm indifferent. In the current system we have, I think you have to say that Bama had their shot and lost. Next in line gets the game.

Hopefully we can take care of business and win out and have a say in what happens. At the expense of breaking the SEC national title streak, I'd love to see us spoil the party and throw a giant wrench in the title picture.


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