Thursday, November 10, 2011

Auburn prediction

This is a complete coin-flip in my mind. There's been a lot of games between these two teams where the underdog has won, and sometimes in blow-out fashion. Everyone that knows me, knows that Auburn is my #1 enemy. Much like Crowell, I've just never liked them. My high school (and Rev's) was about exactly half way between Athens and Auburn, so we had a bunch of classmates that ended up over there. I have as many Auburn friends as I do Dawgs, which probably has something to do with it. LC's hatred is focused on Tech and mine with Auburn. Not really sure where Rev directs his, I think he spreads it out all over......or just loves everyone.

So needless to say, I always want this game more than any other. Like Rev said, we have the better team and are much deeper. I don't think we could have asked for a better situation heading into the game, we were able to have a nice early home scrimmage last weekend where a lot of guys got to play and walked away relatively healthy.

Tyler Dawgden said it best,
"It feels good to play for something more tangible again, to have a late season game that means more to us to win than it hurts someone else to lose."

That is so true. I don't think that us being in control now will make us play any tighter, but it will be interesting to watch, since it's been so long. I'm still worried about the offense and scared to death of the special teams. We really need to make Auburn work the ball down the field, no short fields and no big plays. I think the game will be close the whole way with the final outcome to be decided within the last 2 minutes. I just hope it doesn't come down to a FG on our side.

Them - 18
Dawgs - 26


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