Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Jerseys for Auburn

Well, since LC is taking his sweet time putting up a Friday Frivolities post (he'll give some lame excuse about work being too busy --- he really needs to get his priorities straight), I thought I'd toss this one out there.  In Bill King's Fan Talk post from today, one of the questions struck me as a really good idea:

Josh Johansson writes: Having been a UGA fan since I was born in 1991, and going to games since 1992, my favorite game has been the Blackout against Auburn. Sanford Stadium, that night, was probably the loudest and most excited I had ever seen it. The fans and more importantly the players were so pumped. I know we’ve worn the black jerseys since then (and other, not as popular, variations of black uniforms) but I really feel like it could be a great tradition for us to where those black tops against Auburn, every time we play them at home. It would be similar to the way Notre Dame wears/wore the green jerseys against USC. I think it would be awesome because it wouldn’t be every year. It wouldn’t seem like a “gimmick” against some random team. Those would be THE Black Jerseys that we wear when we play Auburn. What are your thoughts?
 I actually think this is a phenomenal idea.  I love the way the black jerseys look, I think we all just grew tired of the "fake juice" aspect of using uniform gimmicks.  But if it was just set in stone that those would be our home jerseys against Auburn, then we would get to see the jerseys every other year, but it would be in a much more straightforward manner than trying to use them as a motivational gimmick.  What do you guys think?


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