Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CMR status

Back to the Dawgs.....

It sounds like if we win the East, there's no way CMR gets let go. I completely agree that if we beat Auburn and Kentucky, he's good no matter what happens with Tech, the SEC Champ, and the bowl. Not necessarily my opinion but that's what I think will happen. BUT what if,

We lose to Auburn, beat Kentucky and UF beats SC, so we "back in" to the title game. How will you all feel about the season if we win the East but finish the regular season 8-4 with loses to Auburn and Tech. If this scenario happens and assuming we get beat in the SECCG, I really believe a change is needed.

If we don't win the East, he should be gone IMO. I really like CMR but I just don't know how many more seasons you give him. I think 9-3 and winning the East is good enough for one more season. Having said that, if we get embarrassed in the SECCG and lose the bowl game, finishing 9-5, I'm completely on the fence and would be okay with either decision.

I hate to be a fan that has unrealistic expectations and doesn't give a coach a chance to turn things around but there's not much I've seen in the past 3 seasons that tells me we are heading for great things in the near future. There's no doubt we have some very talented young guys but what were Stafford, AJ, and Knowshon. They didn't win an SEC title or even an East title so what makes you think talent alone is going to get us where we want to be. The task of winning the East will only get harder with the addition of Missouri on our side and Tennessee and Florida won't be down forever.

What do think? Is there any scenario this season where he's let go outside of losing all the remaining games? Will you be happy to see him back next year if we don't get to 10 wins?


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