Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drug Policies By School

Huge hat tip to Senator Blutarsky for catching this link that lists the policies by which suspensions are doled out per school.  Chances are, if anyone is giving you grief for UGA working the system a bit and suspending the guys this week instead of last week, they cheer for a school that wouldn't have suspended them at all, due to being first time offenders.  Here is our policy for substance abuse suspensions first, then a few of the policies of those schools around us.  The number in parentheses refers to the number of offenses/failed drug tests for the player:

Georgia: (1) 10 percent of games; (2) 50 percent of games; (3) dismissal

Auburn: (1) none; (2) 50 percent of games; (3) dismissal.

Florida: For marijuana/synthetic marijuana: (1) none; (2) 10 percent of games; (3) 20 percent of games; (4) dismissal. For all other drugs: (1) 50 percent of games; (2) dismissal.

Alabama: (1) none; (2) 15 percent of games; (3) one year; (4) dismissal.

Georgia Tech: (1) none; (2) 10 percent of games; (3) one year; (4) dismissal.

Clemson: (1) none; (2) none; (3) dismissal. Note: Clemson policy indicates athlete must perform 15-30 hours of community service for a first positive and a minimum of 30 hours for a second positive.

Tennessee: (1) none; (2) 10 percent of games; (3) dismissal.

South Carolina: (1) none; (2) 25 percent of games; (3) dismissal.

Florida State: (1) none; (2) unspecified suspension; (3) dismissal. Note: length of suspension for second positive determined by the school's substance abuse committee and "influenced by the length of the season." 

As the old song from Sesame Street goes........"One of these things is not like the others..........".  Yeah, maybe we did work the system and delay the suspensions.  But fans from just about any other school around us hardly have a high horse to ride in this argument, except for Kentucky.  And if a Kentucky fan is trash talking you about football, well, I think you can fend for yourself on that one! 

I felt a little sheepish about the issue yesterday, but not anymore since reading this article.


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