Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Frivolities

To quell the whining of my cohorts, here is today's Friday Frivolities. I don't live on a park bench with WiFi access, so I actually had to get some work done today.
But, I'm tired of working, so here we go:

For those of you heading to the game tomorrow, be sure and stop by the Red Zone in downtown Athens not only to shop, but (as Rev alluded to earlier) to meet Mike Moss, executive producer of the highly-anticipated DVD documentary about our championship season in 1980 entitled, well, 1980 Dawgs. If you see someone yelling, "Mulva? Gipple? Loleola? Oh! Oh! Delores!" at a woman, that might be me. If you don't get this, I apologize in advance.

As for the game, I'm beyond curious to see what on earth we do as far as running the ball tomorrow. I'm taking my 3 year old son for his first ever UGA game and he is beyond excited about it. I expect he'll be ready to leave by halftime, but I just hope the game's somewhat in hand by then. In all seriousness, this could be a cluster of epic proportions, but it really shouldn't be.

As for the other games, I know everyone is looking forward to the LSU/Bama showdown, but Bulldog Nation will also be watching SC @ Arky very intently. Surely to God Arky will win, but nothing surprises me anymore.

The only worthy entertainment news I have to share is the 11th hour deal struck between DirecTV and FX (among other stations) to keep programming running uninterrupted. That's good for them because I was going to go postal on some Hindu at a call center in Kentucky if I had to. It wouldn't have done a damn bit of good, but it would have helped my psyche.

Onward & upward, kids, and remember to say no to drugs as they result in suspensions for meaningless games.

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