Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harton for Heisman

Scott Woerner signing my son's football.

I actually heard someone say last night that he might crack the regular rotation now. Well, that's a bit extreme given the competition we faced, but let's give credit where credit is due: he had a Helluva game.

I will freely admit that I went into this game expecting a variation of AU vs. Utah State where it would stay uncomfortably close for too long, but my fears were quickly put to bed.

This game was just what the doctor ordered in terms of giving freshmen OL some reps, taking Bogotay's leg out of the formaldehyde, getting Mason some reps, etc.

I made good on my promise to go to the Red Zone and meet the men behind the 1980 Dawgs DVD. I look forward to sitting down ASAP and taking all of it in, as I was only 5 when all of the magic took place (I will post a review upon completion).

Click here to get your copy.

The Bama/LSU game was simply epic. It's hard to get excited about a 9-6 win, but that game was incredible. I thought our kicker had issues. Wow.

A Tider fan of mine told me that guy will be in witness protection by lunch on Sunday. Given the state of that fan base, he might be right.

As fun as all that was, the game most relevant to us was Arky beating SC and putting us in complete control of our own destiny with AU coming to town this weekend and UK the next.

CBS will announce their schedule today and I see no reason why we won't be the 3:30. The atmosphere is going to be wild with so much on the line.

On a related note, there have been some comments made as to why we'd want to be served up to LSU to be destroyed. Well, first of all, we might not get destroyed, but they are the best team in the nation and I highly doubt any other D1 team could beat them, but anything can happen.

Secondly, winning the East should always be our goal no matter who the West juggernaut may be. This is good for recruiting and everything else across the board.

I can't wait until Saturday.

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