Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Hate Week!

This is the week that familes gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, eat copious amounts of food, nap in front of the TV and get up at an insane hour to save a few bucks shopping.

It's also known as Hate Week. The week that UGA plays GT. The week that insults fly, pocket protectors become targets and pride is on the line.

We all either know or are related to Tech fans. Losing this game results in a long, long year of snide remarks and limit-testing patience.

I'll be having Turkey for lunch on Thursday and hate for lunch on Friday.

Let's hope we cap off this highly successful year with a win, be it by 1 or 21, at the Joke by Coke.

I look forward to this game more than any other. I hate the Jackets with every fiber of my being (and that's a lot of fiber). I hate them worse than Florida. Worse than Auburn. Hell, worse than Al-Qaeda. If Tech played Al-Qaeda, I'd wear a towel on my head that day.

I hope they go 0-12 every year with the 12th loss being the worst. I'm constantly told, "We need Tech to be successful so that when we beat them, it shows them our dominance." Poppycock.

I hope Crowell's ankle magically heals and he channels his inner Ealey & King, um...nevermind. I hope he runs all over, around and thru them this weekend.

Oh, yeah...Suck it, Nerds.

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