Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kentucky prediction and The Pacific

I'll keep this short, Kentucky could be the worst team we've played this year and not just in the SEC. Okay, Ole Miss, CC, and NMS are probably worse, but this is a very bad team. Having said that, so was Colorado last year. No doubt we are better than last year and I'm hoping the SEC east title is enough to keep us focused. Keys:
  • Continue to work on quick timing routes, WHEN we play LSU in the SECCG, Aaron will have to get rid of the ball quick, he won't have the time he's been having the last 3 games. Need to practice hot routes and quick 3 step drop timing patterns.
  • Close this game out by halftime and get the backups and walk-on seniors a lot of 2nd half playing time. I'd like to see Hudson play most of the 2nd half and Crowell not play one snap in second half.
  • No injuries

We win 56-13

Side note:

I'm 8 episodes in on HBO's The Pacific and am once again in total awe of the Courage, Bravery, and Sacrifice that those men and women displayed. My great uncle was wounded in WWII and a POW in Europe. He and I are very close, he's 87, has had a dead foot from getting shot multiple times when he was 20, and still sharp as a whip. I've always had the utmost respect for our military and been fascinated with WWI and WWII. Band of Brothers is the greatest television program ever created and The Pacific has the same quality. It's not quite as good as BofB, but it's still must watch. All high school kids should have to watch both of these series to help gain a little perspective in today's "tough" world.


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