Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meaningless Matchup?

I've caught some heat on here for making the comment that I had no problem with LSU facing Alabama for a rematch if they end up being the 2 best teams in terms of their BCS ranking.

"Do you not remember 2007?" "Munson wouldn't feel this way!" "No UGA fan would ever say that!"

Look, I'm not a fan of pissing in the wind. Back in 2007 when we were idle on Championship Saturday, LSU beat UT to win the SEC Championship. While no team in the country was playing any better than we were, we tied for first in the SEC East, but lost the tiebreaker to UT.
When Mark Richt said that he felt we deserved a shot, the media went crazy. "You didn't even win your conference, much less play for the conference title!" Jim Rome, the Lord of all Idiots, laughed at the notion and it was played anytime the talking heads on any network discussed it. Nick Saban's quote from way back in 2003 (while at LSU) was repeated: "If you don't win your conference, you shouldn't play for the national title." More on that later.
It stung at the time, but if I remember correctly, we really didn't have a leg to stand on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we were ranked #3 on BCS Selection Sunday when LSU leapfrogged us and I remember thinking that was complete BS that they went from #7 up to #2 and got to face Ohio State the next month. Then, I remembered that they finished 10-2 just like we did, but they played for and won the SEC Championship. It sucked. It hurt. It was reality.

Jump forward 4 years and here we have LSU poised to play us this Saturday in our first return to the SECCG in 7 long years. Alabama will be at home that day because they didn't win or even tie their division. Yet, they're a virtual lock to play LSU for the national championship whether LSU wins or loses against us. Think about that for a minute.

Chris Fowler tweeted that Championship Saturday's games would have no bearing on the matchup between those 2 teams (Bama & LSU). How nice.

Mark Bradley wrote a good piece in today's AJC about it all. (I'm usually not one to quote or reference him since he's so wishy washy in his worship of Paul Johnson...then Richt...then Johnson, but it is a good read)

Back to my comments, tho. The BCS is the most flawed system in sports, maybe even America. It's beyond ridiculous that preseason rankings and votes and behind-closed-doors politicking can dictate who plays for the national title. If Bama can play for the national championship without even playing for their conference championship when we couldn't, well, then...what can you say.
It's par for the course.

As a fan not just of UGA, but of college football and wanting to see a good, competitive game, LSU/Bama is the best matchup given the current system that suffers from amnesia (or refuses to acknowledge the past). Not the most fair. Not even close, but it is the best...unless you want to see OK State or Stanford go and get trounced by either of them. Some say they wouldn't, some say they would. I'm in the camp of the latter.
Even if you want that out of spite, that's OK. Keep in mind that we all have our own opinions and everyone doesn't have to agree.

I'm just concerned with my beloved Dawgs' game this Saturday. I don't give 2 damns who plays for the national championship because it doesn't matter what I think about it. Change to that system will have to come about in waves and a team that lost it's conference championship game vs. a team within it's own division that didn't even play for it (and previously lost to it's opponent) for the BCS Championship tells me all I need to know about the system and the need for change. Immediately.

Again, Go Dawgs and to hell with the BCS.

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