Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nerd Prediction

I guess I'm either in the minority or befuddled when I read (David Pollack's Twitter feed is one source) that Tech's offense is going to cause us fits because we're built to stop the run up the middle. Well, that's true to an extent, but I thought our OLBs were more than capable of defending that offense in a suitable manner. We handled Mississippi State's spread offense pretty well (YES I KNOW THEY STINK AND THIS IS A DIFFERENT STYLE), so I'm not as gloom and doom about it as others, nor am I as worried about it as I was last year.

I didn't say we'd be able to stop it, but I'm just not in the camp of believing that we aren't built to handle it.
Secondly, I am more than confident in Grantham's preparation of our D in getting ready for this, although lots of coaches admit that 1 week really isn't long enough to prepare.

I'll give them credit where credit is due in that it is a highly effective and difficult offense to handle, but I'll also give credit where it's due to our DC and our D. I'm really looking forward to seeing how we handle it.

As for our offense vs. their defense, I'm not all that worried unless Crowell is either still gimpy or re-injures that ankle. We can't have our 4th string TB getting the majority of the carries in this game because Carlton Thomas will likely misinterpret the term "smoke a turkey" for something else and be suspended again.
We should be able to exploit them w/ our TEs, Mitchell, etc. I'm looking for some big plays to get a comfortable lead and let Richt do what he likes to do: eat the clock and rely on the D.

In sum, unless we just can't find a way to keep their offense somewhat under control, I say we win a squeaker, 27-21. I'm really hoping for a 35-14 beatdown, tho.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday, eats too much, farts even more and gets ROWDY while watching the game Saturday, either at the field library or at home.


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