Sunday, November 27, 2011


I could take the high road and gush about our 10 straight wins and a seemingly effortless win over our in-state rivals...but I'm not going to. We beat them without our top TB. Without our backup TB. Our 3rd, 4th & 5th string TBs got the carries. Boom, emeffers.
We went to our receivers and made them try & stop it. When they couldn't, we simply made them like it.

This was a schoolyard underwear up the flagpole game where victory was never really in doubt and we'd have to really screw ourselves to lose.

High fives to the D for playing them extremely well and limiting big plays. That's a very difficult offense to defend and prepare for, but kudos to Grantham and his charges for getting the job done.

The one thing I was scared of did happen as Tyson was knocked out of the game by those chickenshit chop blocks. It's a wonder they don't seriously injure 3-4 players a game with that crap. Yes, I'm looking at this filled with hate, but it is what it is.

Some random thoughts as this wonderful day draws to a close:

  • The worst Gator squad that I've seen in quite some time is fumble farting around trying to beat FSU. My goodness, if we would have lost to them, it would have been catastrophic in every sense of the word, not just missing out on winning the East.

  • Alabama throttled Auburn and made them like it. I loved them going for 2 while up 19 late. I'm all for a FU play in a rivalry game. Absolutely fantastic.

  • Speaking of the Tide, I have no problem seeing them play LSU for the BCS Championship (depending on how things shake out w/ us next week). That's the best matchup. If either of them face OSU, Stanford, etc., it just won't be as good. If they're ranked #2 in the BCS when it's all said and done, how are you going to keep them out?

  • Good Lord, we're going to have our hands full against LSU next week. I didn't expect Arky to beat them, but I didn't expect them to be beaten as soundly as they were. I did enjoy Petrino losing his cool and slinging F bombs at Miles from across the field. That guy's a turd and deserves several turd sandwiches throughout the year.

We'll be very busy here next week recapping the season and examining the upcoming SECCG, but enjoy yesterday's win, Bulldog Nation. It was, in the words of the nWo...TOO SWEET!

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