Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Meh St, LSU/Bama, and cell phones

Thankfully I'm no longer perfect on the season picking dawg games. I hope to get back on the horse this weekend.

Hopefully the rumors are true about us moving Walsh and Butler to the backfield in a power "I". They'll be splitting time between FB and RB. Something weird will happen and we'll give up a score at some point, I'm going 38-9. Keys to game:
  • no injuries
  • no suspensions
  • no injuires
  • put this game away with 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter
  • too bad we won't get a chance to see Malcome play, this could have worked out well for him
What do you guys think about Bama/LSU. This is the most excited I've been about a game since Texas/USC for the title a few years back and for a regular season game, since FSU/ND back in '93. I told the other guys on here that no result will surprise me, not even a blow out either way. I can see the ball bouncing one way and one defense turning this into a one-sided game but I do think it'll be close. Usually when 2 great defenses get together, the score is a lot higher than anyone expects. For some reason, I just think LSU plays more loose and has a tiny bite more depth. I'll go 34-24 LSU. Thoughts?

On a total unrelated note to anything, thoughts on cell phones? Does anything compete with the iPhone. Give me some goods and some bads. Enjoy the weekend all, I'll probably be in the mountains skiing at some point.


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