Monday, November 7, 2011

Nutt less

Reports that Houston Nutt has been fired and the official announcement will come later today.

Can't say I blame them for as bad as they've been for the past 2 seasons but he did take them to back to back Cotton Bowls.

Interesting enough, this is another situation where you wonder what else is out there. I've never thought Houston was a great coach but not sure how much better they can do. Granted, it's really bad over there right now so how much worse can it get. I think a lot of them still think maybe forcing Cutcliffe out wasn't the smartest idea after all.

Sort of like us about CMR. It still seems like the Dawgnation is split on if he's the right guy or not. I hope he finds a way to get us to where we want to be, but honestly, I just don't think he is. Then again, it could always be worse, just ask the Rebs.


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