Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn St

A little heavier topic for a brief moment.

As everyone has heard by now, there's horrible news out of State College. Turns out that Jerry Sandusky is allegedly a huge creep. Since I'm not a news reporter, I'll give you my honest opinion, there is nothing worse in this world than taking advantage and preying on people and animals that can't defend themselves. I will never ever be able to understand a person who has the mental makeup to harm a child. There is no place in society for anyone like this, the best punishment is life in prison and I won't go into detail about the worst punishment I'm okay with.

From what's been reported, Paterno knew at least something inappropriate happened and he reported it up to another level and it appears that was the end of his knowledge and involvement. That was close to 10 yrs ago. Well that's not good enough for me. Sandusky was still allowed to use the facilities at Penn St and have children there. Although I doubt Paterno did anything legally wrong, he has a moral obligation, as we all do, to report to police authorities when a crime of this nature has come to your attention. And for this reason, Paterno should be fired and not given a chance to resign. Nothing you have accomplished in your life gives you a "pass" when it comes to this.

The news is reporting that he will be forced out and I would expect nothing less. Don't get me wrong, Joe did something wrong but let's not lose focus on who the real criminal is here. If true, Sandusky should not spend one more day on this earth as a free man.


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