Monday, November 7, 2011

Review of the "1980 Dawgs" documentary

The guys behind the "1980 Dawgs" documentary were kind enough to send me a copy of the 2-disc set to review.  Mine isn't autographed by Scott Woerner like the one LC got on Saturday at The Red Zone (I was not able to attend the game this weekend), and I'm sure he will remind me of that from time to time, but I was still pretty excited when it arrived in the mail on Thursday.  It took me 3 viewing sessions to complete everything because this documentary leaves no stones unturned from the 1980 season, you are getting over 3.5 hours of Dawgporn in this thing.

I was born in 1977, so as a result have no memories of that team.  My knowledge of the 1980 season has come from the clips you see over and over (Erk's preseason letter to his guys, Herschel running over Bates, Run Lindsay Run, etc) and the information from Vince Dooley's book.  But I have to admit that there were so many names I didn't know and events I had not even heard of, that I was kinda embarrassed as I watched it about just how little I previously knew about our 1980 National Championship team.  The documentary takes you through the preseason, and some of the events that really bonded the team together, all the way through each game (with footage and interviews for each game) and into the post-game celebration (or lack thereof, for some of the players - you'll know what I'm talking about when you watch it) after the Sugar Bowl victory.  It really is amazing how that team always found SOMEBODY to step up in the clutch and make plays at critical points.  If you are around my age or younger, you gotta see this documentary, you'll be amazed at how much you learn.

For you older wiser, more experienced fans out there, I would think you would appreciate this documentary even moreso, just on a different level, by being able to re-live the memories you have of that magical year.  Even if you were there for every game though,  I'm sure you'll discover some things about that team that you never had heard of before.  Some of the stories from the former players are pretty priceless.  You come out of that documentary with a great perspective on what the team accomplished, and how they did it.

Considering the amount of footage and information packed into this 2-Disc set, you really are getting a lot of value for the price ($39.95).  Please keep in mind that this is targeted to a pretty niche market (I somehow doubt that many of our rivals' fans will be flocking to buy this), and these guys put a lot of their own time and money into doing this for the Dawgnation.  Nobody will be getting rich off this movie, this was mostly done out of love and passion for the University of Georgia.  And let's face it, the holidays are coming up, and you know you're all going to receive at least $40 worth of gifts that you don't want and will never use.  So instead, do yourself a favor and tell your families and significant others to put this documentary on your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus wish list, it is a worthy stocking stuffer.  Like the Coke bottle pictured above, it's just one of those things every UGA fan should have in their collection.  Please visit the 1980 Dawgs website to order and/or enter your address to be notified of upcoming events similar to what they did at The Red Zone this past Saturday.


Also, here is the trailer that can also be viewed at the "1980 Dawgs" website:

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