Friday, November 25, 2011

Rev's Tech Prediction

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I was traveling to see family, had a great time, but am delayed in getting my prediction up as a result.  I won't bore you with a bunch of analysis, but I feel REALLY good about this game.  We have the size and athletic ability to really lock their offense down.  Now that offense is entirely based on forcing the defense to play a great mental game as well, regardless of size and athleticism, but I fully believe that Grantham will have our guys ready to play good assignment football.  It wouldn't shock me if they come out and put up some points on their first couple of drives, as we often times seem to take a quarter or so to adjust to the other team's offense.  But once we settle down, I think we'll be just fine in this game.  They will burn us with one or two pass plays, we just have to limit those so that doesn't keep them in the game.  A lot of folks seem to be anticipating a tight game in this one, but I don't.  I'm not predicting an Auburn-type blowout, but I am predicting this:

UGA - 45
Tech - 24

Also, if you're thinking of hitting up The Varsity before or after the game, stop by and meet Scott Woerner, Rex Robinson, and possibly a few other guys from the 1980 National Title team.  They'll be there both before and after the game promoting the "1980 Dawgs" documentary.  Full details are HERE.

I'm watching the LSU-Arkansas game as I type this, and LSU just intercepted Arkansas, already up 31-17.  I'm not conceding anything.......but damn, LSU is good.



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